This past week of August 29, 2022, we accomplished the following work:

  • Began to take delivery of structural steel elements
  • Poured concrete for Abutment 1 cheekwall
  • Continued to sound, chip and replace deteriorated-unsound concrete
  • Continued earthwork at Abutment 1 and Abutment 2
  • Began to install steel bearings
  • Continued to monitor and control dust and other environmental BMPs

The Contractor will not be working Saturday, September 3.

During the week of September 5, 2022, we will continue to:

  • Form Abutment 1 finger joint drainage trough
  • Form Abutment 2 finger joint drainage trough
  • Drill and install dowel reinforcing at Abutment 2
  • Take delivery of structural steel members and crossframes
  • Install bearings
  • Install temporary steel bent supports in preparation of steel erection activities in September, presently anticipated to begin September 6th

Channel Update:

The Contractor has constructed a temporary bent for future steel erection in Span 2, which is over the navigation channel. The bent will be in place until late September. It will be well-lit and delineated so boaters can see it well in advance. A 75’ channel will be maintained between the bent and Pier 2.