This past week of September 18, we accomplished the following work:

  • Completed grading at Underhill Road sidewalk
  • Continued to grade the temporary re-use stockpile area (TRSA)
  • Continued grading & topsoiling in the Southbury median
  • Continued to remove material off site from the laydown area
  • Continued to monitor and control environmental Best Management Practices (BMPs)

Next week of September 29, we plan to continue the following work:

  • Final grading in Southbury median
  • Final plantings in Southbury
  • Wildflower establishment in the Southbury medians
  • Installation of topsoil in the Southbury median
  • Final grading at the TRSA
  • Removal of material off site from the laydown area
  • Monitoring and control of environmental BMPs