This past week of October 4, work accomplished was as follows:

  • Continued placement of wooden deck formwork in exterior bays and galvanized steel stay-in-place deck formwork in interior bays, proceeding from east to west (Southbury side towards Newtown side).
  • Welding of shear studs on the top flanges of the girders – these are used to create a composite deck section by tying the steel girders and the concrete deck to one another.
  • Started layout and installation of galvanized deck rebar in Span four.

During the week of October 11, deck formwork, shear stud installation and placement of deck rebar will continue.  The first section of deck will be poured in two to three weeks.

The Contractor will continue to work Saturdays this week, and for the next several weeks, to take advantage of good weather to enable the entire bridge deck to be poured as early in the season as possible.