This past week of November 7, we accomplished the following work:

  • Began to form the abutment wingwall extension walls
  • Began installation of parapet mounted multi-duct conduit
  • Began installation of Westbound bridge scuppers
  • Completed installation of stay-in-place deck forms, foam filler, and shear stud connectors
  • Completed installation of temporary overhang brackets and edge forms
  • Continued to install galvanized deck reinforcing steel
  • Continued concrete surface repair work for existing surfaces
  • Continued to rub and grind completed concrete surfaces at Abutments & Piers
  • Continued to monitor and control dust, and other environmental BMPs post-rain storms

The Contractor will not be working Saturday due to weather, but crews will be working Sunday November 13.

During the week of November 14, we will continue to:

  • Install deck reinforcing bars
  • Install bridge scuppers
  • Form, pour, and cure concrete decks – Deck Pours 2 & 3
  • Form abutment wingwall extensions walls
  • Install parapet mounted multi-duct conduit

Channel Update: The boating channel is open.