Completed Work this past Week of 6/06/2022:

  • Continued concrete bridge deck demolition of the Eastbound bridge
  • Continued drainage installation for the Newtown approach to the bridge
  • Continued reinforcing installation for abutment backwall reconstruction on the Newtown side

Saturday 6/11/22:

  • The Navigation Channel is open.
  • Contractor will be onsite relocating and unloading demolition barges.

Upcoming Work (Week of 06/13/2022):

  • Continue concrete bridge deck demolition
  • Pour concrete for the abutment top of backwall reconstruction
  • Continue reinforcing steel installation
  • Continue dust control operations
  • Resume excavation at the Newtown abutment

Photos Below:

  1. Abutment reconstruction progress
  2. Bridge deck demo progress
  3. Bridge deck demo progress
  4. Removal of supporting structural steel elements
  5. Panorama photo of current bridge conditions