Saturday 7/23/22 anticipated work is as follows:

  • The Navigation Channel will be open.
  • Contractor will be onsite continuing bridge demolition operations.
  • Contractor will be continuing Pier 2 concrete demolition.
  • Contractor will be backfilling at Abutment 1.
  • Contractor will be working on Abutment 1 weep drainage.

Completed Work (Week of 7/17/2022)

  • Continued steel demolition of the eastbound bridge
  • Drilled Abutment 1 weep holes
  • Drilled and grouted dowel reinforcing at Pier 1
  • Continued water transportation and rescue operations in support of demolition crews
  • Completed pier cap reinforcement cage

Upcoming Work (Week of 7/25/2022)

  • Continue steel demolition of the eastbound bridge
  • Assemble and install effective concrete formwork platforms at Pier 2
  • Continue reinforcing steel installation
  • Continue pre-assembly of pier reinforcing steel cages

Photos below:

  1. Bridge steel demolition progress
  2. Pier cap pre-tied reinforcing cage
  3. Pier 1 topper concrete pour
  4. Steel demolition image