During the past week of 12/27/2021, the contractor continued to:

  • Form and pour concrete parapets for Westbound (WB) left shoulder;
  • Release and remove overhang brackets;
  • Install temporary precast concrete barrier for upcoming WB traffic shift;
  • Install reinforcing steel bars for parapets.

No work is planned for this Saturday (1/1/22).

Upcoming Work (Week of 1/3/2022)

  • Contractor to implement the WB traffic shift overnight during the week of 1/3/22 (weather dependent).
  • Contractor to continue releasing and removing overhang brackets.
  • Contractor to continue to form and pour remaining WB left parapets.
  • Contractor to begin excavation work for next stage crossover.
  • Subcontractor to complete reinforcing installation of parapet steel.
  • Subcontractor to begin installation of parapet mounted fiberglass multi-duct conduit.
  • Subcontractor to remove existing crossover line striping.

Photos below:

  1. Contractor pouring concrete parapet
  2. View of the new Westbound Bridge from River Road