Work this past week of 12/20/21 included:

  • Sealing and finishing concrete parapets for WB right shoulder
  • Forming and pouring concrete for parapets for WB left shoulder
  • Removing overhang brackets
  • Placing metal beam rail at bridge approaches
  • Placing/pinning temporary precast concrete barrier curb that will eventually be separating EB and WB traffic.

The Contractor will not be working on Dec. 24 or 31, but will be working Dec. 27 through 30.

Next week, the week of 12/27/21, work will continue on the following:

  • Concrete parapet construction
  • Overhang bracket removal
  • Pinning of precast concrete barrier curb

Shifting of I-84 WB traffic across to the new WB bridge is scheduled to occur during the night shift, the week of January 3, 2022.  Eastbound traffic will remain in its current alignment until April 2022.