This past week of August 8, we:

  • Completed removing structural steel from the project;
  • Completed rebar placement for Pier 2 cap and poured concrete there;
  • Chipped existing concrete at Pier 3 cap;
  • Set formwork for the Pier 3 stem;
  • Continued Abutment 2 modifications; and
  • Placed temporary bents in river for steel erection.

The Contractor will be working this Saturday, August 13.

During the week of August 15, we will:

  • Pour Pier 3 Stem
  • Set rebar cage and pour concrete at Pier 3 cap;
  • Continue Abutment 2 modifications;
  • Drive pile in river for temporary bents for steel erection;
  • Substructure repairs at Abutment 1;
  • Slope work at Abutment 1; and
  • Prepare area for delivery of steel girders.

The Contractor is currently completing a Temporary Bent for steel erection in Span 2, which is the navigation channel. The temporary bent will be in place until late September. It will be well-lit and delineated so boaters can see it well in advance. A 75’ channel will be maintained between the bent and Pier 2.

Some steel girders will begin to be delivered to site within the next two weeks. Steel erection is currently scheduled to begin right after the Labor Day weekend.