Three-week update: February 13 to March 3, 2023

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Over the three-week period from February 13 to March 3, the contractor will:

  • Begin work trestle removal operations
  • Begin installation of finger joints and sliding protective plates
  • Complete removal of parapet overhang brackets and temporary supports
  • Complete concrete curing and stripping of formwork of the parapets
  • Complete construction and curing of wingwall extensions
  • Complete bridge drainage scupper installation
  • Complete abutment backfill and compaction
  • Grade, form, and pour reinforced concrete approach slabs
  • Resume installation of rip-rap slope protection
  • Resume removal and patching of deleterious substructure concrete, Class S repair
  • Resume bridge conduit installation and conduit in-trench

Below are some photos captured February 14, 2023 depicting:

  1. The beginning of the trestle removal
  2. Forming of the approach slab at Abutment 1 (Newtown)
  3. The continuing operation to removal overhang brackets