The Lake Zoar channel under the Rochambeau Bridge – Construction Update.

The contractor on the Rochambeau Bridge will be utilizing barges for demolition, pier reconstruction and steel erection.  The channel will be totally closed during a few select periods during the project for safety reasons (typically during demolition and steel erection over the channel).

During other times, they are required to maintain a 75’ minimum channel width.  ‘Slow – No Wake’ signage is in place at the approaches to the bridge as advance warning, (though they were temporarily removed during barge moves on 3/15/21).  They are now back in place.  Additional ‘Slow – No Wake’ signs are installed on the face of Piers 1 and 2, which further defines the main navigation channel.  There are also navigation lights.  The contractor has boats on the water daily and they can help direct recreational boaters around the barges if that is needed.