The Westbound traffic shift onto the new bridge is currently planned for the week of January 3, 2022. This was identified in last week’s update as occurring within the next two weeks.

Work completed for the week of 12/05/2021 is as follows:

  • Installation of woven glass fabric waterproof membrane for the Westbound travel lanes
  • Hot mix asphalt paving of the Westbound travel lanes across the new bridge
  • Bituminous concrete lip curbing
  • Forming, pouring, and curing the parapet along the Westbound right shoulder
  • Installation of finger joint assemblies and drainage trough components
  • Continued installation of fiberglass and metal conduit for future bridge lighting

No work is planned for this Saturday (12/11/21)

Upcoming work for the week of 12/12/2021 includes:

  • Reinforcing subcontractor to continue installing parapet reinforcing steel bars
  • Electrical subcontractor to continue to install conduit in future parapets
  • Guardrail subcontractor to begin installation of metal beam rail
  • Pavement marking subcontractor to perform line striping
  • Contractor to continue forming, pouring and curing of parapets along the Westbound left shoulder
  • Contractor to mobilize and installation of temporary median barrier for the upcoming Westbound traffic shift

Photos below:

  1. Waterproof membrane installation
  2. Completed deck membrane for this stage
  3. Westbound travel lane paving operations